About Mark

My story starts the same way as many other people’s. Living day to day acting like things were going well on the outside, but deep down knowing my financial security was fragile at best. After countless sleepless nights wondering how I was going to make ends meet and finding myself in a dark place, I made the decision that something had to change.

I turned to my faith for guidance and also accepted my own accountability for accumulating the debt. The plan revealed to me through this process was outlined in the Baby Steps from Ramsey Solutions in the book Total Money Makeover. I had purchased that book in 2014 and ironically I had the path to financial freedom all along. That day, I began reading the book and couldn’t put it down….it had the answers to my fear and helped me face the big unknowing feeling of how was I going to move forward.

Within hours of starting the book, I had taken the first steps – listing my debt, following the plan and I became the gazelle running for my life for the next 5 years. I became intentional and set my mind, body, soul into making changes and paying off my debt. My journey lasted 63 months and I paid off my debt. Along the way I learned that I was a man of perseverance, discipline, strength and determination. The most rewarding part was the growth of my inner core and the light shining in me.

Making the payments became secondary to the individual and character growth happening to me. My relationship with Christ and in faith grew and continues to propel me today. Each of us have a unique story to tell, and I want to guide and help you improve your financial story. Let me help you through your journey and celebrate your accomplishment and discover yourself.

Mark And Howard

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